Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sakai just might be ditching that frumpy dress

If you haven't seen MyCamTools yet you have got to check it out! For those of you familiar with igoogle, you'll be delighted to see that the folks at Cambridge have a working prototype where igoogle meets Sakai.

AWESOME!!! It's about time Sakai stopped wearing that frumpy dress and put on something a bit sexy. There are sweet little widgets that allow you to quickly add a file or post an announcement to any of your sites without further navigation. Users can pick and choose to make a highly personalized environment.

For those of you interested, there are a few more screen shots and a bunch of information on Confluence. If you happen to be here in Minnesota, definitely take the time to stop one of the guys from Cambridge for an in person demo.

1 comment:

ShootingLittleStar said...

i know, i like it! i've added mycamtool facebook app, iGoogle widget, and mac dashboard widget..