Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stepping Down from Sakai QA Director role

As many already know, I've accepted a promotion at Indiana University and will be stepping down from my role as the Sakai Quality Assurance Director. If you're interested in the 'official community announcement' it can be found at

Working on the Sakai project as the QA Director has been an honor and a privilege. Over the past few years we’ve made serious strides in improving our processes and testing practices that have lead not only to increased quality in our software but an increased collective consciousness about what quality means to us as a community. I look forward to seeing the momentum carried forward under new leadership.

Many of you may be wondering my new role at Indiana is. The position is the Quality Assurance Team Lead / Project Planning Coordinator which is one of two team lead positions that were added to the IU team that works on Sakai. I’ll be doing a lot of similar things I did for Sakai on a local level, but I’ll also be involved with other activities, like project management. As Michael mentioned, my responsibilities in this role do include community engagement so I’m extremely pleased to say you’ll still be seeing and hearing from me!

I do want the community to be assured that there will be a smooth transition to the new QA Director and that the release and testing activity for 2.6 will remain a top priority for me until the new QA Director is hired.

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